June 1, 2023

ERO Reviews

Many of you will be having ERO reviews this year. Here are a couple of booklets written by NZ authors to help you through:

1. Preparing for an ERO Review

by Craig Smith

$8.00 including postage

Preparing for an ERO Review

20 page Booklet A New Zealand Home Educator’s Guidebook Twenty A5 pages of insightful and helpful comment on the imminent arrival of the Review Officer. Chapters include: Overall Strategies, What They”re Looking For, What if You”ve Changed Curriculum, Access to Children, Home or Neutral Venue, Coping with a Negative Report, etc. To order do one of the following:send email to sales@hef.org.nz with visa numberpost cheque or visa number to PO Box 9064, Palmerston Northfax 06 357-4389phone 06 357-4399

order here:


2. Giving Support at ERO Reviews

by Lennie Harrison

Lennie has been involved in her local Support Group on the committee and running workshops for several years.

Cost is $5 + postage.
Phone: 03 314 3720
Email: jandl@e3.net.nz
Kinross, RD3 Amberley

Also be sure to check out this link: