May 23, 2022

Nelson: Home Education evening 12 November

Nelson: Home Education evening
12 November 2008
Time:       7-9pm
Venue: Wakefield Anglican Church, Edward Street, Wakefield.
Topics: ‘Getting things into  Perspective’  and

‘Books, great books and more books?’

Cost:     $5.00 per family
Contact: Elaine (03) 541-8802 hborger [at]


  1. chelsie anderson says:

    will there be an info session for homeschoolers in 2009/2010? we’re in neslon, nz, is there a group of homeschoolers here?
    cheers, chelsie a

  2. admin says:


    I am sure that there will be information evenings going on in Nelson. If there aren’t then I am sure that there will be several people very willing to share the information with you personally. I have sent this link off to a couple of people in the Nelson area.

  3. Angela says:

    Hi Chelsie, I am one of the many homeschoolers in Nelson, and we are having a women’s retreat day on Oct 31st, if you want to meet many Mums there it would be great to see you. I am happy to be a contact if you need one, thanks Angela

  4. Alicia Hannen says:

    Hi Chelsie, I belong to the Tasman Home Educators group in Nelson. We are having a Math Forum and Information Evening On 2nd November. We have a variety of activities throughout the term too. If you would like any more info, please contact me at Alicia

  5. Debbie Gill says:

    Hi there, I am also looking at homeschooling in 2010 and interested in talking to people in the Nelson area. anyone with info on writing exemption and curriculum or for mixing please contact


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