Please vote for Susan (Certainity) – a homeschooler

Please vote for Susan (Certainity) – a homeschooler  (I actually think her video clip is the best – Barbara)

Hi all,

Susan  (a home educator) is a finalist in a TV NZ competition. To enter, she had to prepare a 30 second video of herself as a superhero.

The prize is an opportunity to appear on television.

The six finalists appear on the following website:

We are asking you to please take the time to vote, before Sunday. Preferably for Susan (Certainty) 🙂

If you decide to watch all the videos, please be aware that each download begins with an advertisement.

To vote for Susan, look for the link, below the videos on the first page, and vote for Certainty.

Please forward this to anyone else you can think of who might be able to help us out.