The Culture Wars (DVD)

The Culture Wars (DVD)


Format: DVD (55 minutes)
Age Range: Great for the Entire Family

Christians are engaged in a culture war, and the stakes are high. At issue is whether we will stand by our faith or be undermined. In this powerful message, Dr. Voddie Baucham demonstrates how academia and the media elite have sought to impose an intolerant “tolerance,” religious relativism, and philosophical pluralism as the three-pronged sacred dogma to which Christians must yield—or face persecution and scorn. Using Peter’s and John’s confrontation before the Sanhedrin as his text, Dr. Baucham offers a biblical blueprint for how Christians who are caught in the cross-fire can effectively proclaim Christ to those who seek to marginalize their faith. His charge: “Lifestyle evangelism” is not enough—we must speak the truth with boldness.

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