Vote ‘yes’ allowing parents to homeschool in Germany

This poll is a daily poll and has changed.

Vote ‘yes’ allowing parents to homeschool in Germany

There is currently a poll going on a regional German radio station as a result of news coverage of a family who fled the area for the United States and is seeking refuge there.

The question is “Should parents be allowed to homeschool their own children?”

German homeschoolers are asking us to vote “Ja” for/with them.

[At the beginning of their day it was 80% against. 3 hours later it was about 50:50 but leaning towards ‘against’ as this reflects the way the press are presenting the issue as well as ‘popular opinion’]

Here is the link

When I voted at 8:27am 23 June 2009 the results were:

JA 58.24%
NEIN 41.76%

So when you vote:

Ya means Yes

Jetzt abstimmen means now vote

Ansehen means to look at, consider

6 thoughts on “Vote ‘yes’ allowing parents to homeschool in Germany

  1. As of 11:44am EST, the count was JA –90.65% and NEIN–9.35% I bet that will shock some folks!

    Thanks for posting the link!!

    Dana Wilson

  2. Hi, it was great to get the link to vote on home schooling in Germany. However, when I went to the link they were already voting on another subject (whether people would like to eat meat from cloned animals or not). The subject for the vote changes every day. Since I am German (born and raised there) I was able to figure that out. Too bad I got the link too late. I know that home schooling in Germany has a long way to go. People don’t know enough about it and are very sceptical when I tell them that I home school my children. I’m glad it’s finding some attention in the media.

  3. Sorry Dana you must have voted in the Banking Poll which was up the next day. The latest results of this poll that we have heard of was a 61% yes vote.

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