Ballarat Home Education Conference 15 May 2010

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Home Education Conference 15 May 2010

Venue: The Venue has changed to: One2one Gillies Street Church of Christ (formerly known as Ballarat Family Church of Christ)

121 Gillies St , Alfredton VIC 3350

Cost: Donation

Contact: Joy 03 53447290   email:

Speaker: Barbara Smith

9:00am Registrations, Resources

9:15am Welcome & Notices

Avoiding Burnout — Keeping Going When the Going Gets Tough

(During this presentation Barbara Smith will look at the symptoms and causes of home school burnout and strategies for avoiding it. Many of us worry about whether what we are doing is right, is there a better way and strive too hard. Barbara will lead us to an understanding of what home education really calls us to.)

11:00am AM Tea, View Resources

Training Our Children’s Minds, The Tools of Learning and Motivation

( Barbara takes the grammar, logic and rhetoric stages of classical education and applies it to the Hebrew/interpersonal approach to learning which results in a very interesting and informative workshop.)

1:00pm BYO Lunch, Resources

“Christian Parents Preventing and Changing Rebellion in a Child’s Heart”

2:30pm PM Tea, View Resources


“Books, Great Books and More Books – Creating your own library; how to use it”
How is your home library coming along? From her years of home education experience Barbara will share her wisdom of what it really is worth spending your money on to develop your home library. What books are of greatest value? And Why?

4:30pm View Resources. End

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