How does a homeschooler change a lightbulb?

A. First, mom checks out three books on electricity out of the library, then the kids make models of light bulbs, read a biography of Thomas Edison and do a skit based on his life. Next, everyone studies the history of lighting methods, wrapping up with dipping their own candles. Next, everyone takes a trip to the store where they compare types of bulbs as well as prices and figure out how much change they’ll get if they buy two bulbs for $1.99 and pay with a five dollar bill. On the way home, a discussion develops over the history of money and also Abraham Lincoln, as his picture is on the five dollar bill. Finally, after building a homemade ladder out of branches dragged from the woods, the light bulb is installed. And there is light.

From Facebook – don’t know who originally wrote this.

5 thoughts on “How does a homeschooler change a lightbulb?

  1. A comment from Facebook by Lauren:

    And then they publish a step-by-step guide (with photos) to teach others how to do it. 🙂

  2. ROFL! This is tooo funny! We love homeschooling, however if the light goes out, I would probably just change it first, then have them do all the other stuff. Bahahahahhaha

  3. Great story, Sad they taught their children about Edison, rather then the true genius Tesla, even in homeschooling he is ignored in our history :<

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