First day of the first global Christian Home Education Conference

Registration here:

Here is what you’ll find in the Monday Vault:

  1. Welcome to the 1st annual Global Christian Homeschool Conference! Plus the swag bag with heaps of freebies!
  2. The ABC’s of Homeschool, Diligent Prep for College
  3. Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing (Andrew Peduwa)
  4. But..but..but…what about grammar? (Andrew Peduwa)
  5. However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from 30 Years of Teaching
  6. Unschooling for Christians (Barbara Smith)
  7. The Adventurous Road from Homeschool to College (Denise Boiko)
  8. Homeschool Resources – So Many!! (Glenn Ballard)
  9. Gameschooling (Jaynel Jones)
  10. Homeschooling with a Charlotte Mason Philosophy (Justina Ford)
  11. Homeschooling a Child that Won’t Sit (Elizabeth Sharpe)

Live Videos now uploaded:

  1. Hothouse Transplants Panel with Christopher Adams, Jessica Allen, Sarah Venable
  2. A Theocentric Christian Education -Interview with Graham & Alison Shortridge from South Africa
  3. Cultivating Language from Preschool to High School? with Andrew Pudewa from the United States
  4. Homeschooling in Different Countries Panel with moms from Austrailia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and South Africa
  5. Redemption and Restoration for the Broken Family? with Juliet English, United Kingdom
  6. Homeschooling as a Single Parent with Jaynel Jones and others

Where are the pre-recorded videos? Once you pay the US$20.00 registration you will have lifetime access to the conference.

You will find the pre-recorded videos when you log into the Teachable vault. In there you will find the description of the sessions and the biography of the speakers. Each day is a different theme and the LIVE interviews will also be uploaded for that day.

Registration here: