December 6, 2022

Global Christian Online Homeschool Conference – Day 2

REGISTRATION IS OPEN until 31 August 2020:

Theme: Chats with Real Parents, Health & Wellness for Parents & Students

Please don’t feel rushed to watch all videos at once. You get unlimited, lifetime access to ALL videos and any handouts provided by the Speakers.

1. Overcoming Depression & Burnout (Cynthia Hancox)

Are you struggling with fear, anxiety, burn-out or depression? You are not alone! Be encouraged that there IS a way out of the pit of despair, and that no matter what is going on around you or in your life – current events, chaos at home, pressure to perform as a parent, spouse, home educator – you do not have to try to be Superwoman (or Superman). Listen as Cynthia shares some of her own story of experiencing and overcoming depression, along with her tips for how to deal with burn-out and depression.

2. Tea with Megan, A Conversational Q&A (Megan Erps)

Have you talked about the elephant in the room? What about this fall?
Have you become unnerving and frustrated? Are you confident in planning your year? Grab some coffee or tea and sit down with a real mom.

3. Weaving God’s Presence In Your Homeschool Experience (LM Preston)

The parenting and homeschooling session focused on how to bring God into your homeschool is for parents that want to create an environment that weaves in a healthy, close relationship with God through opening communication, encouragement and realistic approaches. LM Preston is the author of Homeschooling and Working While Shaping Amazing Learners and a homeschooling mother of four.

4. The Race Talk (Kwasi Agbottah)

This world can hurt. Not just people, but systems of interaction we experience and often label as “race.” How are we to socialize our children to address what’s going on in a meaningful way? I often wish that our ancestors could have a heart-to-heart and apologize for what they either helped create or painfully endured. But do I want to have that kind of conversation with my neighbors, and give up possible ways that I have benefitted? Join us as we try to do just that.

5. The Missions Talk (Kwasi Agbottah)

What does homeschooling have to do with missions? Welcome to Detroit! In this session, we’ll talk about how the Bible (in the hands of someone truly willing to hear from God) can create well-worn paths of cultivation in our hearts, breaking fallow ground and clearing distractions to make way for authentic worship that grows into indigenous missions! And you thought school was about lesson plans and down time? Come join us.

6. Homeschooling as a Single Parent Panel (Jaynel Jones and Sandi Gonzalez)

Single parenting and homeschooling can be challenging. But it can be done and these two moms tell us how through the good memories and the challenge and then giving it all to God for the solutions to those challenges. They get real about their needs as well.

7. Transformed From Worn Out and Weary to Hopeful and Helpful (Teresa Striplin)

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. God has put a message on each parent’s heart as to what she should teach her child. Come learn about creating a mission statement for your educational journey. During this time of uncertainty and so many options it is easy to become overwhelmed, having a mission statement is a good way to stay focused. Once you have a statement, the details may overwhelm and cause weariness for several reasons; when we try to homeschool alone, when we try to copy“school” at home and when we try to “do it all”.

8. Creating an Organized Homeschool Life (Melanie Wilson)

One of the biggest obstacles to long-term homeschool success is disorganization. If this is your first yearhomeschooling or you keep saying this is the year you’ll get organized and it doesn’t happen, you won’t want to missthis session with Dr. Melanie Wilson. She is a Christian psychologist turned happy homeschooling mom, despite herinitial lack of organization. You’ll learn simple steps for getting every aspect of your home and life in order, even if you weren’t born organized.

9. Homeschooling: What in the World is Going On? Facts, Stats, and Biblical Truth (Dr. Brian Ray)

Public schooling, private schooling, and homeschooling all teach, train, and indoctrinate children. How many parents know that the indoctrination in government/public schools is clear and blatant? What does scripture say who should have the duty and responsibility to educate children? Further, and more telling, what does scripture say about whoshould not be teaching, training, and indoctrinating the children of God’s children? Real-life examples of what is being done in the state/public school system, direct scriptural analysis, and 35 years of research on homeschooling will be brought to bear. Tighten your belts as Dr. Ray hits these topics hard, fast, and with some research statistics and a bit of humor.

10. Homeschool Dads Who Homeschool (Glenn Ballard, Kwasi Agbottah)

A homeschooling dad who homeschools is rare. You’ll want to listen in on this conversation! They talk about why they chose to homeschool, stories about the precious times with their children, going through some hard times and letting God use them to create a solution.

11. Creating Peace in a Chaotic World Panel – (Karen Chegwidden, Pat Sikora, Glenn Ballard, LaNissir James)

We all know about the difficulties happening in the world during covid-19. There is so much unrest and chaos.
What are we to do as Christians? Listen in on this panel of 4 people and hear what they are doing in their part of the world. Perhaps you’ll want to come along and join them!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN until 31 August 2020:

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