Missionary kid and homeschooler, Tim Tebow, has won the Heisman Trophy – the first ever to win as a sophomore!  

NEW YORK — Florida gridiron quarterback Tim Tebow made history Saturday night by becoming the first sophomore (2nd year at university/college) ever to win the 73-year-old Heisman Trophy, awarded annually to the top university amateur gridiron player. In doing so, he accomplished what may be an even more impressive feat this age of media saturation and message-board fanatics: He managed to live up to, if not exceed, the "hype."

Here is some background on Tebow from an article written before he won
the Heisman. (Be sure to visit The Video Corner to see a video of him
accepting the Heisman.)

Tebow is … a QB, but he conducts his business, not on the plains but
in "the Swamp," the football stadium at the niversity of Florida
in Gainesville. All of 20 years old, he is a serious contender for this
year’s coveted Heisman Trophy, the annual award given to the most
outstanding collegiate football player in the nation.

If the strapping 6’3" 235 lb. lad wins the Heisman, he’ll be making
history on several counts. First, he’s only a sophomore. Second, he is the only player in NCAA history to run and pass for at least twenty touchdowns
each in one season. Third, this son of missionaries to the Philippines
was homeschooled in grades K through12. The last fact, no doubt,
prompted Sports Illustrated to opine that Tebow is "hardly the typical
college athlete.

Delightfully, so. Of his unique educational background, Tebow states, "I
come from a large family (last of 5 children), and all my brothers and
sisters were home schooled. My parents were tremendous role models
throughout the process, and there were never discipline issues for us.
By the time I came to the University of Florida, I felt I had great
study habits and felt comfortable making the transition to classes. I
think that being home schooled offered me an opportunity to also learn
some life lessons, and those experiences help me while I’m on the
field." …

Tim Tebow accepts Heisman:

Here is a pre-Heisman TeBow interview: HYPERLINK

While you have undoubtedly seen this before, the contrast with Tebow
makes it fresh and instructive. Here, again, is 48 seconds
of the lovely, public schooled Miss Teen South Carolina: "
a true "U.S. American".

Wow! First the home educators were topping the geography and spelling
bees. Now they’re taking the top prize for America’s top sport:
football! It’s looking good!

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