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12 January 2007 – Special Announcement from Home Schooling Family to Family

PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Highlights Homeschooling
Homeschooling Family to Family Highlighted in PBS news show

Houston, Texas – Jan 12, 2007 On this week’s PBS show Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, Lucky Severson examines efforts by some religious families to create a system of homeschooling. The show runs at different times on each PBS station. The local affiliate usually lists it in their schedule under Religion and Ethics. This will also be streamed on the website along with a copy of the script.

About the Filming:
With shots of homeschoolers ice skating, working in their biology co-op and practicing their debating skills, the show will highlight the various options homeschooling children have in today’s world of computers, co-ops and businesses willing to open their doors to homeschoolers.
Interviews with Dr. Bruce Shortt and Dr. Voddie Baucham, both homeschooling dads, and Jube Dankworth, National Director of Homeschooling Family to Family, an organization whose mission is to bring one million more children into homeschooling, this week’s Religion and Ethics takes a practical look at the real world of homeschooling.

About Homeschooling Family to Family
Homeschooling Family to Family is an idea whose time has come. Our mission is to encourage every experienced Christian homeschool family to mentor one new family into homeschooling each year and to help build a bridge to Christian homeschooling for families contemplating homeschooling. Our monthly E-newsletter for mentors, our web-site materials including downloadable articles and brochures will help allay a new family’s fears and give the family mentoring tools. In addition, we are providing DVD’s and CD’s to local support groups for distribution to their members to help each family make an informed decision to home school. Home-schooling mentors will support new families as they travel the home-school road with its joys, bumps, discoveries and exhilaration.

About Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY has been breaking ground in news reporting since its national debut on PBS in September 1997. Hosted by veteran journalist Bob Abernethy, the acclaimed one-of-a-kind television show offers distinctive coverage of important religion and ethics stories and newsmaking headlines impacting communities across the U.S. and worldwide. Weekly reports filed from around the nation and the globe explore how issues of faith, religion and ethics shape both national and international events. In addition, newsmakers, scholars and policy analysts provide insightful perspectives in roundtable discussions from the show’s studio in Washington, D.C. Winner of more than 85 industry awards, the program has been hailed by the Religion Newswriters’ Association for setting “a national standard for balanced and fair coverage of religious topics.” Adelle Banks with Religion News Service writes, “RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY provides an important source of information to members of the general public who may not understand the nuances of the religious world that it reveals.” And Noel Holston with Newsday credits the program with taking “a ’60-Minutes’-like approach to stories.”