Home Schooling Worldwide-April 2008

The following links provide information about Home Schooling worldwide from Andrea Hermitt. This includes recent statistics for Home Schooling on all continents.

Homeschooling around the World: Australia & New Zealand


Homeschooling around the World: Europe


Homeschooling Around the World: African & Asia


Homeschooling around the World: USA


Homeschooling around the World: The Americas


The information on the statistics in New Zealand are incorrect. Here are the correct figures:


At 1 July 2007 there were 6,473 homeschooled students recorded on the Ministry of Education’s homeschooling database, which represents less than one per cent of total school enrolments at July 2007. These students belonged to 3,349 families.

Number of Homeschooled Students in NZ 1998-2007

In 1966 there would have been less than 100 children being home educated in New Zealand. Infact the MoE had no idea how many were being home educated because School Principals approved the exemption not the MoE. The School Principals did not report back to the MoE on who was Home Schooling.