The Referendum – Where to now?

Great Referendum results!

Here are two  excellent links with suggestions as to where to now.

Larry Baldock: The way Forward


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Here’s what we think needs to happen: until this issue is dead and buried, we need to continue to lobby and stir up the MPs, especially John Key and the leader of the ACT Party, who are part of this Government and therefore have some leverage. Rather than go for a new bill, just repeal bits of the current one, as Larry Baldock suggests below. This is good.

Just another few letters, emails and faxes. Not a big deal. Bob McCoskrie of Family First has been at it non stop for quite a while now. Let’s all join in and really put the pressure on, just a little effort on the part of each of us and the overall effect is very great.

The following will help with locating addresses.

Email the PM :
Face Book him:
Email your local MP:


Craig & Barbara Smith

The way forward.