June 4, 2023

Christian Homeschoolers Family Summer Getaway

15 – 17 FEB 2013
A like-minded …. family-centred ….
budget-conscious …. fun-filled….
weekend getaway!
Welcome to the first Christian Homeschoolers Family Summer Getaway. The aim of this getaway is for Christian homeschooling families to connect with other families for mutual encouragement and friendship. It aims to be …


There’s nothing more encouraging than knowing we are not alone in this awesome task of discipling our children at home. Meeting with others who are going through the same triumphs and struggles can lift a tired soul! And how important it is, for our children to have like-minded friends.


This is a getaway for the whole family. Enjoy a weekend away or extend your time at the campsite and have a family holiday as well. This is not a camp in the traditional sense, it is families relaxing together.


Raising a family on a single income is no easy task but God is faithful. So being mindful of this, we have chosen to go to a conventional campsite. Tenting is cheap, though there are limited cabins available. We will let you organise your own family’s food which is much cheaper than paying someone else to cook it and you can meet your own budget requirements.


We have a programme of fun games and activities for the young and not so young, and of course, we are camped right on the shores of beautiful Lake Taupo for swimming, boating, etc! We have a hall on site for fellowship, Sunday morning devotional, or in case it rains.
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Family Getaway




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