Home Schooling in Japan

Child Abuse Laws Negatively Affect Homeschoolers

By Rev. Haruto Yoshii

We are deeply appreciative of your prayers and support for Japanese home educators! The earthquake disaster of March 11, 2011 and the subsequent nuclear power plants accidents have proved to be a gigantic trial for all families in the affected areas, which include Christian homeschooling families. One example of the continued impact of the disaster is the case of a homeschool family in Chiba who was separated when the mother and children evacuated the area, but the father had to remain in the disaster area for business reasons.

Recent legal developments

Families at the 4oth AHSIC prayer meeting

Thankfully, home educators in Japan have thus far been immune from litigation. However, recent revisions to the Juvenile Law have strengthened child abuse reporting laws. There is now the possibility for neighbors of homeschool families to give notice to the Child Consultation Center (Zidoh-Sohdan-shyo in Japanese) that homeschooled children are abused by their parents. Regrettably, the Child Consultation Centers in each district are now required to investigate each and every abuse notice. Unsubstantiated abuse claims are expected to increase and to affect homeschool families adversely. Families anticipate much more contact with child welfare authorities in the coming months.

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Rev. Haruto Yoshii is the Director of AHSIC (Association of HomeSchoolers In Christ).

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