New Update on: How will the new Social obligations which will be required of all beneficiary parents effect home schoolers?

Update 5/10/12: Make a submission: Reject compulsory Early Education for 3 year olds


Update 19 September 11:00am Paula Bennett has still not signed the letter. Again I have been given a promise that they will try to get her to sign it today or tonight. Trust it wont be too long before we get this letter.

Remember if you have an appointment about this over the next few days see if you can get it put off for a few weeks until there is some sort of policy about this. It is very disconcerting that some people have been turning up at interviews and finding that they have not been given all the information. I have heard of people at an interview being told that they have to work for 15 hours a week (and not told about a study option) or their benefit will be cut by 50%. I have heard of others who have turned up for their interview and told the person interviewing them that they are home schooling. They have then been told that they don’t have to do anything. So the standand is different depending on who you get and possibly their attitude towards home schooling.


Update 18 September 5:30pm Paula Bennet has not signed the letter yet. Hopefully she will be signing it tonight and it will be emailed to me first thing in the morning.


For background information please read this link: Update on: How will the new Social obligations which will be required of all beneficiary parents effect home schoolers?

I know that many of you on benefits are really concerned about these latest moves for beneficaries and are looking for answers.

I have just finished ringing Paula Bennett’s office again and was told:

1. They talked about it this morning in the office.

2. They are wanting to make sure that they get the correct information out to me because they know I will be passing it onto others. So they are going to be sending me a formal response so that there is no confusion.

3. They don’t want to give us any wrong information.


4. The letter has been written – it is just waiting for Paula Bennett’s signature. Because those in her office don’t know her movements at the moment it is not signed yet. It might be signed tonight but most likely tomorrow. As soon as it is signed it will be email to me.

5. The good news is that the letter mentions the opportunity for home educators to make submissions about the formal response we will be getting.

So not long now until we hear…


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