17th Century Historical Play


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17th Century Historical Play:

Wanganui Home Educators will present a 17th Century Historical Play which includes some short skits about famous Bible-believing scientists, artists and musicians who were instruments in God’s hand that still have an influence on our lives today. The main play For Christ, Crown and Covenant – a Story of Scottish Martyrs, written by Jeanli Boessenkool,tells the true stories of faithful folks who held God’s Word as the only Authority in their lives despite persecution. The cast numbers around 50 and includes people of all ages – toddlers through to adults!

We hope also to remember that the men and women of Faith who are portrayed in the play, were standing on the shoulders of the Reformers from earlier centuries, who taught the Five Solas often depicted in the skits and play. A different but interesting way to remember Reformation Day and hopefully an opportunity to share these precious truths with those who come!  Everybody welcome – bring some friends and enjoy an evening of laughter, tears, singing and learning at the Trinity Methodist Church (Wicksteed Street, Wanganui) on Friday 1 November 6:30-9pm with a free supper included. Tickets will be available at the door $5/adult and a gold coin for seniors and children.

*If you are unable to come, could you please pray for our preparations and that we will be faithful witness.


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