September 27, 2023

Don’t go to university if you’re unsure

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…I now know that if I stayed and completed seventh form, just to try and get University Entrance, I would have messed around as I would have had no idea what I wanted to do. I have not stopped studying at any time…

If I could give any advice, it would be that if you’re not sure what you want to do, go to a company that does what you think you would like to do, and ask them what qualifications you need to get in to which role.

Get them to explain the roles so you better understand them. They may say you only need a certificate to get a foot in the door; so start from the bottom and get a better understanding of the industry, then make a decision.

Unfortunately, many people coming fresh out of university with degrees are starting off as trainees, working under me for many jobs, for less money.

When I finish, I’ll be 25, with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Plant Engineering, and a Degree in Chemical and Process Engineering (with Hons), as well as having two-and-a-half-years’ experience. My student loan will be small as work is paying for most of it (and I’ve saved up money over these two years). I still know many people in the industry that I know would be interested in hiring me, and if worst comes to the worst, I still would have an enjoyable job available to me, doing what I’m doing now.

Don’t go to uni because everyone else is; go because you want to study and work in a field that you’re passionate about, or else you’ll regret it later on. I can guarantee it.

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