Laughter and Movement: Fertilizer for the Brain

Are your children learning? What is keeping them from learning? Those questions and many more might be answered in this article by Jessica Hulcy:

If 100 random people were assembled and asked to draw a picture of a “school” setting, every picture would have students sitting at a desk either reading or writing, because those two activities represent school to the vast majority of Americans. But you can bet there would be another common denominator between all the pictures, and that would be serious faces on all the students going about their work in silence. Yet, current research shows this typical school setting is not the best way to enhance learning and retention.

Memory Blockers

The latest brain research has identified cortisol, the hormone released in the brain during stressed or agitated states, as the one brain chemical that prohibits information from sticking in the memory areas of the brain. Cortisol is released during times of stress and anxiety into the brain by the adrenal gland…

Read more in this article about the effect of cortisol on our children’s brains and learning.

Jessica Hulcy goes on to say:

…Homeschooling is a daunting task for any mother to undertake. The key to stimulating learning is a stress-free environment filled with smiles, laughter, and movement. Movement and laughter create an atmosphere in which kids love the learning process and willingly read more about the topic and write more about their experiences. As good teachers and concerned parents, we want our children to be lifetime learners who enjoy the education process. We want them to feel like learning is fun, not drudgery. We want them to be excited and anxious to find out what cool thing they are going to study next.

Is your school filled with laughter? Are your kids excited about learning new things each day? Does your curriculum help you to be a great teacher who makes learning joyful, exciting, and fun? It is time to start releasing fertilizer, not weed-killers, in our children’s growing brains!


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