Please pray for Raewyn and her family

Many in the home schooling movement know Tim and Raewyn Shand. Many have experienced their wonderful hospitality.

Yesterday Tim was taken from this family very suddenly.

We are all devastated by this loss. No-one can comprehend what they are going through today. Their loss is so great.

It brings memories flooding back as I try to think what Raewyn might be going through. It is quite different to me as we had two months to come to terms with it. But in actual fact I didn’t have the two months as I always thought that Craig would be cured so it was really only the last day that I thought that he might be dying. Although, because others all thought Craig was dying I was prepared for his death.

This is so very sudden and unexpected for Raewyn. Yes, my heart is aching too and tears are flowing.

Please pray.

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