Vote for Homeschooling family in Mitre 10 Dream Home – Final Tomorrow!

Photo: Whew getting closer now, lets spread the word. You guys rock!

Please see the info on the Dream home. The Giles family are Homeschoolers and could get a free home if folk vote for them.  you do not have to txt but can go on line to vote.  I have only seen the program once out of interest and they are really working hard so please if you feel you can encourage folk to vote for them it does not matter if you have seen it or not. Thanks D…..

As a lot of you will be aware The Giles family from our home education circles in Christchurch are in the final two families for Mitre Ten Dream Home TV show and the final is live tomorrow night on TV2 at 7.30pm.

We love the Giles Family and what they stand for as people, parents and home educators and we would love everyone to rally behind them and bring their dream to reality tomorrow night.

We know the other team are going into schools to rally students, parents and teachers to vote so contacting as many homeschoolers as possible to vote would be wonderful.

If you are able to forward this to friends outside of the home education networks, other homeschool networks within New Zealand and anyone else you can think of, we would be very thankful!

Apparently in the last show of the last season, 40,000 votes came in during the last hour so your vote really does count!

Text votes are 99c and you can vote as many times as you like. You vote by texting 8982 with the word ORANGE

You also get one free online vote a week at tick Orange Team

thanks so much!

Team Orange


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