Barbara’s health

Praise God, Mum has had the best night sleep since she’s been in hospital! However, she woke up with terrible pain since she slept through her scheduled tablets and wasn’t awake to press the Morphine. (This is by all accounts one of the most painful operations to recover from – and the surgeon decided against the epidural they usually use to manage pain) Back on track with pain killers now though.
Please pray for Mum and Nurses/physio as they get her up today. Yesterday morning they tried, and her blood pressure plummeted down to 65/42 and they had to hoist her back into bed and hurry fluids and a couple other things to bring blood pressure back up.

Later this morning she was doing really well in the chair, no nausea, steady BP and heartrate. Going through her breathing exercises.
The timeline at this stage loos like:
One drain out tomorrow, second drain and catheter out Monday, back to Palmerston North hospital tuesday, continue with antibiotics in Palmy.