Barbara’s health update May 15

Barbara Smith has been transferred back to Palmerston North from Wellington. She is recovering well from what is reputably the most painful operation to recover from. I understand the procedure is normally done under an epidural which she couldn’t have which has likely made her recovery all the more painful again.

A doctor visiting her today told her that her seventh rib had been removed during the proceedure due to it not being flexible enough for the drains to push past.

She is very weak. Every movement such as walking to the bathroom or eating is excrutiatingly slow. She is anemic and borderline for needing a transfusion.

Her recovery is extremely slow and the journey to full health is going to be a long haul. However she hopes to be released home in a couple of days.

Barbara’s daughter, Genevieve, has sent receipts to those who gave charitable donations to HEF during the past financial year. They should be received shortly.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. These are VERY much appreciated at this time.