Barbara’s health update June 5th

Mrs Smith returned home from hospital on May 16th where she was welcomed and ably cared for by all 4 daughters. Genevieve and Charmagne returned to their families in Australia by the 24th of May, and since the 26th I (Suzannah Rowntree) have been installed in the Smith home to keep things functioning smoothly. In the last three weeks Mrs Smith’s recovery has been slow but steady. She was still on painkillers and in a good deal of pain from her operation when I arrived, but for the last 4 or 5 days has been able to get by without painkillers and says that apart from some tightness around her ribs, she is no longer in significant pain. Yesterday she began sitting up to the table for meals for the first time since becoming ill, and was also able to sit outside to enjoy the sun a number of times this week.

It is a wonderful encouragement to see her recovering so well and in such good spirits!

Mrs Smith would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this time. Her illness itself was an answer to prayer which the Lord has used to bring progress and some healing to a difficult situation. It gave her a rare opportunity to be surrounded by most of her children and to meet her newest grandchild, Josiah. As usual, she is glowing with contentment even as she continues to ask for your prayers for the Lord to resolve this ongoing difficult situation and to bring her back to full health.

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