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Most home educators love to read and love to own their own books. What are some ways that we can build our own libraries?

I have written a few articles on books and reading:

Reading Aloud

The Art of Buying Used Books

Learning to Read & Reading to Learn

Parental Reading

Choosing What to Read

In one of the links above I talk about the art of buying used books. The link below suggests a way to get new books by doing book reviews.

How to Become a Book Review Blogger

My Book Review Blog

“…Then I discovered book review blogging as the ideal solution to my novel-reading problem.

Today, even with regular culling, my novels are now crammed onto twenty-seven feet of shelf space. (I am currently saving to buy bigger bookcases.) I received ninety percent of those book for free from various book review programs.

What is Book Review Blogging?

Book Review Blogging is an exchange of free books for blog reviews. If you have a blog and love to read, these programs may be perfect for you.

How does it work?

  1. You need a blog. Some programs require your blog to have a small following.
  2. Sign up for a book review program. At the end of this post you’ll find links to seven Christian fiction review programs.
  3. After you’re accepted into the program, select titles you’d like to review (either print copies or digital). Many programs allow you to review only one or two titles at a time.
  4. Read the book in its entirety.
  5. Write a 200-word (or so) review on your blog. Be careful not to share spoilers. Many programs also encourage you to post a review on a consumer website.
  6. Provide the link to your review. Often, there is a form to fill out online.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 as often as you’d like.

Where to sign up:

To read the whole article and to find out the places to sign up for this then please go to:


The above articles on reading and buying books first appeared in Keystone magazine and are reprinted in this book: Training Our Children




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