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Good afternoon,

My name is Josh Parlane, and I am the Co-Founder of Convoconnect.

Convoconnect is an online language tutoring platform / tutor directory that was recently founded here in NZ.

I am contacting you as I believe our website will be of interest to all Kiwi parents who are trying to find a language tutor for themselves or for their children.   It would be much appreciated if you could please mention convoconnect to your community, as we truly believe it will help many New Zealand homeschool students.

The problem many families face when they live in small / rural towns in New Zealand is that it is extremely difficult to find local language tutors.  Their children might be studying a language at  school and need a tutor to help assist their learning, or their children might attend schools where languages are not offered.  We have spoken to many people who currently face this situation. In some cases parents need to drive over one hour into town, or even to another town if they want to get tutoring.  This extra travel is very expensive and time consuming for parents who live busy lives.

Convoconnect can help overcome these barriers.  The main purpose of convoconnect is to allow students, travellers, and business people a way of learning a language online.  As mentioned above, many families live busy lives and have limited disposable income to spend on travel costs.  Learning online these days is very realistic and just as good as learning in person.  Costs are more affordable for the student compared to other private tutors too as the teacher doesn’t have to factor their own travel costs into their prices.  All teachers work independently on convoconnect.

Students can read teacher profiles, watch their introduction videos, choose a teacher of their choice (depending on the student’s budget), view the teacher’s lesson types, see the tutor’s availability on an electronic calendar, and book a timeslot.  Many teachers even offer FREE or cheap trial lessons.  All lessons then take place on Skype.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask – I hope you can see the benefit that convoconnect will offer your community.

Thanks and kind regards,


Josh Parlane – Co-Founder

p +64 21 0220 1989


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