Health Curriculum: How to prevent and cure Cancer and other diseases

This series is excellent and I highly recommend that you all watch these Youtube videos – the first five are up on Youtube and the rest will go up one a day (2pm in New Zealand). The first one will probably be taken down soon. It was only meant to be up for free for 24 hours. They will be for sale after the series finishes. Ty is a personal friend of ours. He and his family came to our daughter Genevieve’s wedding. They lived in NZ for about a year. Ty and Charleen home educate their children.

Find out how to prevent and treat cancer 100% naturally, watch the trailer for FREE today. Live docu-series event…
1. – History, what is cancer and Chemo
2. – Immune system. A Dr in this video says that there may be a case for Chemo to help reduce the cancer so that the immunue system can take over and do its work of getting rid of cancer. They all say that there is NO cure for cancer. It is all about building up the immune system so that it can do its job of killing the cancer.
3. – “Eliminate these dirty dozen to prevent cancer” “GMO’s” are dangerous foods which are not grown or raised, they are created in a lab environment and tweaked to create a species not found in nature. Even though GMO’s have gotten a lot more press over the past few years I bet you didn’t know that over 70% of processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients! Avoid these foods – Read Ty’s report:  Read it here for free
– Which detoxification treatments were actually in the Merck Manual until the 1970s – (@ 22:10)
– That the lymphatic system is the most overlooked “detox” system in the body (@ 45:00)
5. – “Nature’s Pharmacy” For thousands of years, humans have used the plant life around them to help cure their ailments. If you walk into the woods, you will be hard pressed to find anything that’s not medicine. We’ll learn about how natural food really can be our medicine. We’ll learn which foods to avoid and which ones to eat. We’ll learn about vitamin and mineral deficiencies and how to properly correct them with foods and herbs. And we’ll also learn about which types of sugars feed cancer and which types don’t. (we will want to see this for sure)
1. @ 15:25 – learn the difference between left-spin and right-spin sugar molecules and which one feeds cancer cells and which one is healthy
2. @ 53:10 – learn how seeds help defeat cancer by targeting cancer stem cells
3. @ 57:00 – discover how this common emotion stimulates the immune system for 24 hours while another common emotion suppresses immunity for 6 hours
6. “Clean Foods & The Cancer Free Diet”. We all know that “you are what you eat” and in this episode we’re going to show you exactly how to eat in a way that will destroy cancer cells. This is an amazing show that teaches you how to eat and use nutrition to prevent cancer, and also how to eat to treat cancer too. Here’s a small sample of the powerful content in this eipsode
1. @ 10:50 – Could cervical cancer be nothing more than a nutritional deficiency disease?
2. @ 13:23 – Is the Food Pyramid for the Standard American Diet (SAD) really upside down?
3. @ 33:40 – Learn the difference between “good” and “bad” salt and how “good salt” is essential for proper functioning of the immune system and hormones
4. @39:30 – Discover what type of water acts as an antioxidant to your body
5. @ 51:51 – Learn why there are more anti-cancer compounds in a whole food diet than in your local oncology center
7.  “Do’s & Don’ts” – Proven Treatment Protocols Part 1. This is one of those episodes that you’ll want to have a pen and paper handy for taking notes. In fact, the next 3 episodes are all about specific cancer treatments and protocols shared by the doctors that created/use them everyday to save thousands of lives.

From Ty: One thing that I really want everyone to understand is that
this series is a “Quest for the Cures” (plural).

Meaning… there’s not just one way, or one magic pill, or one protocol that will work for everyone.

Depending on ones genetics, blood type, race, gender, medical history, type of cancer, and other factors, will determine what works and what doesn’t.

Not to mention, we’ve interviewed 51 experts, to get their opinions and expertise, and not all 51 will agree 100% on every single thing.

And that’s okay…

If they all agreed on the same magic pill, then our show would only be 1 episode long 🙂

So, please keep in mind that our mission is to investigate and educate, so that YOU (and everyone you love) can make an informed decision if they’re ever faced with a cancer diagnoses.

With that said, you’re about to enjoy 3 nights of proven treatment protocols from the doctors that use them to save lives every single

8. EPISODE 8: Proven Treatment Protocols Part 2  (this link will change when Episode 9 goes up at 2pm on Tuesday)

Episode 9:  Proven Treatment Protocols Part 3
(Airs Tuesday October 22nd)

Episode 10: Doctor’s Orders (now playing)
(Airs Wednesday October 23rd) (this link will change when Episode 11 goes up at 2pm T0day)

Ever wonder what your doctor would do if he/she were diagnosed
with Cancer?

Want to hear from doctors who’ve had cancer and how they treated

Some comments from people who have watched this Episode:

“I have to say that I was totally blown away by the revelations in tonight’s
episode, 10. Sadly, it has caused me even greater regret when I think of
the path my husband was directed to take (chemo., radiation, surgery)…
Cancer Sucks, but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence if people are
empowered with the knowledge of Natural & Alternative Treatments! Looking
forward to tomorrow night episode and am feeling very blessed to have
been allowed to view and become better educated”

“I am really enjoying listening to this series – making educated choices should
the situation ever arise. The doctors and professionals who appear on these
videos are amazing with their wealth of knowledge.”

“Great to learn about the 7 steps to prevent cancer, from Dr Veronique
Desaulniers. Thank you!”

Every one of these episodes is powerful and packed full of great, usable
content. Be sure to watch Episode 10 today before 2pm.

Episode 11: How to Survive and Thrive 
(Airs Thursday October 24th) starts at 2pm today and can be watched for 24 hours.

– See more at:

There are 11 videos altogether – the 9th one will be playing at 2pm tomorrow afternoon – I don’t have the link for it yet – you can subscribe here to get the link in your email each day:

The whole course can be purchased here for half price for the next 3 days:

Ty Charlene Bollinger

Ty has pulled all the advice in the world together about cancer into this series. He interviews a lot of different people.

This is also good for us too. For those who don’t have cancer as a preventative and for those who have had cancer to keep cancer from returning.


From the Smiths:

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2 thoughts on “Health Curriculum: How to prevent and cure Cancer and other diseases

  1. Just a comment. Although the immediate concern addressed in the series is cancer, I imagine most of the information and solutions present apply to a host of issues since they are trying to address the underlying causes of malnutrition and immune dysfunction (at least that is my impression from the first three episodes).

    We haven’t dealt with cancer ourselves but other health problems do seem to have similar sources, so we are watching the series for general information, as are our children. It helps our resolve to exercise self-control regarding our natural food impulses in a world where we are bombarded with poisons.

  2. Which sugars feed cancer and contribute to other diseases?
    Which sugars are OK for us to eat?
    @ 14.36 to 20.52 (7.32 minutes) Learn the difference between left-spin and right-spin sugar molecules and which one feeds cancer cells and which one is healthy
    Free to watch until 7am Tuesday morning

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