What are you going to do when your homeschooled children grow up and have to face the “real world”

Here is Billie Walker Glazier‘s answer

Frequently I ignore the rude comments that roll from my back suggesting that homeschool is not “normal” school, or that public school is “real” school.

But I could not help it today. It was just really poor timing for the poor lady who mistakenly asked me what I am going to do when my homeschooled children grow up and have to face the “real world”. I smiled at this lady. I paused and collected my thoughts to make certain I did not leave any of them unspoken.

I said, “I will be glad on that day and I will rejoice in it! I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my children have been raised in this world and have been equipped to handle anything it throws before them. I will know that they will be answering more questions than they ask while walking along the beach. I make certain that is where they learn about marine life. I know they will have a plan to help world hunger as I have carefully exposed them to a physical environment of meeting the needs of those who have stumbled to a point of homeless. I can trust, should they choose a medical field, that they are successful sooner than many as they have learned health at a hospital. I know they will balance their finances as an expert due to their studies conducted at the bank in lieu of a textbook. Should they find themselves lost in this world, they will soon recall their guide in the heavens as they have learned to navigate with the stars as their milestones.

I am confident my children will never face the real world acutely, as they have been in it all along, daily, taking full advantage of its wonders, and the natural educational tools that surround them will not, to any homeschooled child, be new or unexpected. How about you… when your child breaks from the brick confinement directed by strangers… what will you do?


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  1. I love that explanation Barbara, I am never sure why anyone equates school to real life in any way.

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