November 26, 2021

‘Worldviews in Conflict: Christianity vs Humanism’

An email from Renton Maclachlan


I thought you may be interested in my new 13 part video series:

‘Worldviews in Conflict: Christianity vs Humanism’.

It looks at what a worldview is, how we got the one we have, and the fact the Bible presents to us a worldview. It then addresses in a very accessible way the Biblical and Humanistic worldviews. At every opportunity the series utilises animated graphics, videos, and images, to illustrate the spoken word.

Below is a link to its dedicated website:

The website has a number of short preview clips from the series. The individual episodes vary in length with the total viewing time of the series being 5.5 hours. 

There are two options for purchase….one download only, and the other download plus the series on an attractive credit card size Flash Drive.

Extras on the site include a variety of articles illustrating a Biblical worldview approach to various subjects.

The series is suitable for personal, and group study. On the website under ‘Resources’ are some suggestions on how it could be used.

I would appreciate it if you could pass this email on to all and sundry, especially any who you think may be interested.

All the best

Renton Maclachlan

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