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http://familyintegrity.blogspot.com/2007/06/19-june-2007-family-integrity-265.html19 June 2007 – Family Integrity #265 — Thinking of Going off to Auzzie?Greetings!

OK, I know I’ll get a lot of flak for this, but here it is anyway:

Below is a lot of information to help folks get started on their investigations of the opportunity to shift to Australia to escape the galloping interventionist socialism we are curesed with here in NZ.


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Our Home….Our Castle

Brief Comments from others:

I can’t tell you much about Melbourne, but we are looking at going to Queanbeyan which is on the NSW side of the ACT state line.
The NSW law was changed a couple of years ago but rather than throwing out their version of section 59, they defined what was UNreasonable.
This included 2 items – one that a child could not be physically chastised above the shoulders, and the other is that a smack cannot leave more than a transitory sting – no lasting injuries. Some people wanted to outlaw the use of implements, but this was thrown out.
Both NSW and ACT have homeschooling written right throughout their education acts also, making it an ingrained part of their laws, rather than just the one law we have, that could easily be struck out just like section 59.
As far as rents go, go to http://www.realestate.com.au they have rentals and sale properties. It is also worth checking out the likes of <http://mycareer.com.au> for jobs.
Hope this is of some help.
C ??.(in NZ)

We have just moved to Ballarat which is 1.25 hrs west of Melbourne. Ballarat has about 80,000 people. VIC has NO H/E rules so you just do what you want and don’t have to tell anybody.
There are a number of towns and cities in VIC. Bendigo is a nice city about 100,000 I think and property isn’t much dearer than Ballarat. Shepparton (2 hrs north of Melb) is nice too about 25,000 and similar market to Bendigo.
Melbourne is extremely expensive to buy a house, like $400,000 for a normal 3 bdrm house. Ballarat is about $160,000-$200,000 for a normal 3 bdrm house and rent is about $200 for the equivalent.
Cost of general living like food and fuel is about the same as NZ. Fuel is actually cheaper. Vans are ludicrously expensive and few and far between. Make sure you have $15,000-$25,000 for a reasonable van, not the $5,000-$10,000 like in NZ.
Sell all your belongings on Trademe and go garage saleing here. We did and got some good stuff and cost less than what we got for our stuff in NZ.
Hope this helps
M ??(in Oz)

About 80% of homeschoolers in Queensland aren’t registered. Large families are also not as common, even amongst homeschoolers.
I hope this helps
B ??.(in Oz)

I have just been doing some research on homeschooling in Victoria, and it appears that the laws are set to become quite controlling in the middle of this year. After M ?? ??’s email regarding the ease of homeschooling laws there, I thought it would be pertinent that you know of the changes. These can be viewed at

Here are the things that worried me most:

8 Requirements of instruction in home schooling:
It is a requirement of registration of a child for home schooling that the child must receive regular and efficient instruction that-
(a) taken as a whole, substantially addresses the following learning areas-
(i) The Arts;
(ii) English;
(iii) Health and Physical Education (including Sport);
(iv) Languages other than English;
(v) Mathematics;
(vi) Science;
(vii) Studies of Society and Environment;
(viii) Technology; and
Note: These are the learning areas set out in Schedule 1 to the Act.
(b) is consistent with the principles underlying the Act, being the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to-
(i) elected Government;
(ii) the rule of law;
(iii) equal rights for all before the law;
(iv) freedom of religion;
(v) freedom of speech and association;
(vi) the values of openness and tolerance.
Some of these strike me as plain dumb, and others appear to be saying we must teach homo-friendly views to our kids.
C ?? ??(in NZ)

Websites About Immigration To Australia

Table Regarding Smacking Laws in Australia

I have spent hours trying to find out the smacking laws in the different Australian states, and have just found this link that gives a brief summary, followed by a table at the bottom of the page:


C ??.(in NZ)

Email Discussion Groups about Immigrating to Australia
http://kiwiaussie.freeforums.org (I think this one was set up specifically for those thinking of leaving since the Bill to ban parental authority was passed.)

Brief Review of Home Education Laws in Australia
??Many of us cannot see NZ as a viable place to rear a Christian family any more. Anyway, there are now a growing number of people asking about which part of Australia we can flee to. ??

Hmm, I am not sure that is a wise way to be thinking. The changes to s59 alone would seem to me to be insufficient cause to “up stakes” and migrate to sunny Oz – “the land of the long weekend” and where Global Warming hysteria is such that we made Tim Flannery our Australian of the Year. Such major upheaval could be a case of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’.

We have our own difficulties here, too. Australia was a sponsor of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child back in the 1980s, and I was involved in some rearguard defence at the time – to no avail. It’s sad to have all your arguments vindicated by 20 years of creeping socialism.

Although for now our assault laws in the Crimes Acts of each jurisdiction still include a defence of reasonable force, there are irregular rumblings from the anti-smacking brigade here too. So it might only be a year or five years before the battle is joined here.

As you would be aware, this is all part of the attack on the family – God’s institution for revival.

See <http://www.billmuehlenberg.com/2007/05/12/motherhood-madness-why-mums-are-not-really-mums/> and especially the link to the original article in The Australian found at the end of Bill’s article.

??People want to know about the home education laws in the various states. ??

The shortest answer is that as of today:
a) all States except Victoria (where we are) regulate home education by requiring parents to obtain permission to educate their own children.
b) all States except Victoria require parents to complete forms, submit curriculum plans and be inspected regularly.
c) Within this framework, the diligence of inspection etc varies, so that in order of preference, it is “easiest” in a pragmatic sense to home educate in:

New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia ?
Aust Capital Territory
Northern Territory
Western Australia ?

[In the spiritual sense, it’s almost all the same except for Victoria which is about to change. Our spiritual freedom has been compromised by an interfering governmental humanism.]

As from some date soon – probably July 1st, Victorians will have a new Education Act proclaimed and we will have to register to home educate our children.

The above rankings will remain as we will not be required to have regular inspections.

However, we must keep sufficient records to show that we are observing the 8 Key Learning Areas, and the motherhood statements in the Act (democracy, tolerance, rule of law – all the usual UNO guff).

Inspections will occur only if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that we are not fulfilling the requirements/conditions of registration.

We fought hard last year against all this, but to no avail – and now this same Labour socialist government was voted back in (as opposed to the Liberal socialist Opposition who couldn’t ‘lay a glove on them’) and we are literally running out of water for the population!

It is timely that in our church we are studying the prophecy of Joel – it certainly speaks to Australia’s current situation.

Hope this gives you some data.

Christian Regards,
John & Marjo Angelico
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