Homeschooling for religion to be tried

Homeschooling for religion to be tried
By Sandra Divinyi, Metro 30 November 2012.
Translation: Ruby Harrold-Claesson, lawyer, president of the NCHR.  Fill 25 in the box, to get to the page.

Versus. The administrative Court of Appeal in Gothenburg gave a Jewish-Orthodox family the right to home school their four children and referred to the children’s safety. The District Council Majorna-Linné appealed. Now, the matter will be considered by the Supreme Administrative Court.

Annelie Enochson

Annelie Enochson – Good. The family is supported on an issue that felt hopeless, but it is a pity that it has been delayed. The family belongs to a minority and we have freedom of religion in the country as long as the children are associated with a school, taking national tests and school sets the grades, so it should be okay.

Helene Odenjung

Helene Odenjung – It’s very good. I welcome the trial. It is very unfortunate if the Court considers that it may be exempted from tuition and compulsory schooling for religious reasons. The school communicates knowledge about different religions and children themselves will be entitled to decide how to practice their religion.

What would it mean if the family should get the right to home schooling?

Annelie Enochson – That would bring us closer to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, that the parents should have the right to influence their children’s education. A positive judgment would help many others, such as the people who have emigrated.

Helene Odenjung – It opens doors for stricter legislation. Legislation has already been tightened but there is a risk that one can not maintain the qualified teaching that everyone is entitled to.

Could it mean that more religious groups want and can get home schooling?

Annelie Enochson – Do not focus on religious groups. Many want home schooling for other reasons, maybe they have been bullied or have experienced a form of schooling in other countries, that has been successful. Sweden is deviant in this respect compared to other countries.

Helene Odenjung – Yes, it can lead to extreme religious convictions wanting to homeschool. Girls may be kept at home for other tasks around the home. Children and young people should be entitled to shape their own lives.

Annelie Enochson, Christian democratic party, and Helene Odenjung, Liberal party, Gothenburg.
These two women represent two opposites – yet their parties are collaborating in the present Alliance government.


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2 thoughts on “Homeschooling for religion to be tried

  1. Helene Odenjung sounds like a National Socialist Hitlerite. Shame, Sweden, Shame…. I thought we had a world war to destroy Nazism once and for all but here it is again in Sweden. The regime DOES NOT own children. Parents have the right to direct the education and upbringing of their children, even the evil UN recognizes this. Shame, Sweden, Shame.

  2. “Children and young people should be entitled to shape their own lives.”

    Except if the child wants to homeschool, of course. Helene seems to think only the government and omniscient bureaucrats really know what is best for other people’s children: parents’ and children’s wishes be d@#^ed. This is really about is state control vs. parental control. Nobody really wants to take the idea seriously that children themselves have the right to determine where and how they are educated, least of all people like Helene. Those in favor of outlawing all homeschooling know that the children would side with their parents the vast majority of the time, so giving children an actual say will never be considered. Helene says lots of flowery things to mask her ideas, but when it comes down to it, she’s just another totalitarian in favor of state control over parental control. There is no sincere desire to ever allow children to decide the manner of their education.

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