Parents lost Domenic

Our hearts go out to the Johansson family with all that they are going through at the moment.

Rough internet translation

Svea Court of Appeal does City Court verdict and denies Christer and Annie Johansson custody of their son Domenic. Court of appeal on go Gotland socialnämnds line and leave the legal custody to a lawyer. Domenic, according to the Court of Justice remain placed in family homes. The judgment will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

In the judgment, which was announced on Monday, writes Court of Appeal to the both of the parents “shortcomings in the care of Domenic in a way that involves consisting danger to his health and development.” Domenic, who is now 11 years old, tvångsomhändertogs when family 2009 was on the way to leave Sweden to take up residence in India. Social welfare board in region Gotland appealed against the judgment which fell in Gotland District Court in June of this year.

Social welfare board, as the new evidence in the Court of appeal a barnpsykiatriskt statement from senior physician Henrik Pelling, who claims that the boy has a safe environment in their family home and to a flight to the parents “would be unfortunate for Domenics mental health and well-being”.

The Court decided to follow Socialnämndens line to transfer the legal custody of Domenic to a lawyer. However, the Court was not unanimous. A judge said the City Court verdict should be established, where there is a risk that an authorized person means that the opportunity to bring about an interaction between Domenic and his parents.

Parents’ lawyer Ruby Harrold-Claesson says that the judgment will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

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