2nd day in Court for the Johanssons and Ruby Harrold-Claesson

Dominics föräldrar gav ett mycket gott intryck

Christer och Annie utanför rättegångssalen vid Svea hovrätt.

Here is a rough internet translation:

Day 2 – on Friday, 23 November Friday’s förhanding is going on at the time of writing but, unfortunately, so will be held this afternoon’s hearing behind closed doors. In addition, day has been dominated by;from earlier tingsrättsförhandlingar. A further testimony of Annies was up in which she has told us what she has undergone, if severe trauma, collapse, and even on how she at least two occasions have been affected by cardiac arrest in the battle which followed disposal of Dominic.

Annie was a happy childhood and a happy marriage with Christer and on how happy fullkomnades when Dominic was born. Periodically, they lived in India and periodically in Sweden does not yet have decided to go for was the would become permanent. What that finally got them to choose to relocate to India was not first and foremost skolfrågan but social authority’s behavior.

There are many more significant details in Annies testimonies that right has to take into account. If the impartial listened and taken in the information it should affect the judgment of parents’ advantage.

Some close relatives testimony was also up to the right. All incomprehensible to Dominic placed under police protection. testimony was credible. Well-informed of the situation and coherent they talked about Dominic as an open, happy and curious boy who enjoyed enormous good with their parents. All certified to Dominics also had a good thorough upbringing.

Another very interesting testimony that was up was with Professor Archer that on some occasions had met with Christer and Annie. It was very shocking to hear when he expressed surprise that Annie was still life in the light of the condition she was in when they met. He described then scientifically how a human body will react and what happens when limits are being pushed ever caused by stress, anxiety, etc.

During the course of the afternoon was held further hearings with a known as a witness on the spot. Unfortunately, the doors were shut down then why reporting is absent so long.

Please keep praying for this family and Ruby.  Last day of court hearing Monday 26 November.


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