What is happening for Domenic Johansson and His Parents!


I spoke to Ruby Harrold-Claesson a couple of  nights ago and asked her if she had been removed from the Johanssons’ case. She replied that she is still on the transfer of custody/guardianship case, which the Johanssons’ won in June, but the social council has appealed. (Ruby should be able to represent the Johansson’s in this appeal if it goes ahead.)
Ruby then went on to explain the situation that the Johanssons are caught up in two sets of cases in the two separate court systems in Sweden. There are the civil and criminal courts and the administrative courts. It was the administrative courts that removed Ruby from the Johanssons’ case in 2010, claiming that she was unsuitable, but the civil and criminal court (Gotland District court) appointed her as the Johanssons’ legal counsel in the guardianship case.
After winning the case in the District court in June, the Johanssons applied to the administrative court to have their son Domenic returned to them. The administrative court has refused to appoint Ruby as their public counsel for the case, so they have appealed and they are awaiting the decision from the administrative court of appeal.
By the way, Ruby won a case against Sweden in the European Court of Human Rights on April 5, 2012. Read about it here http://hudoc.echr.coe.int/sites/eng/pages/search.aspx#{%22dmdocnumber%22:[%22905687%22],%22itemid%22:[%22001-110246%22]}. Congratulations Ruby.

Please keep praying for this family and writing words of encouragement to them and on their behalf.

HSLDA Attorney and Director of International Relations Michael Donnelly has been following the case closely…READ MORE

Contact Swedish Officials

Please contact the officials below to insist they return Dominic (above) to his family immediately in light of the latest court ruling.

Swedish Social Services Committee
Gotlands Kommun
621 81 Visby

The social workers

The social workers’ supervisors

Sweden in New Zealand

In New Zealand Sweden has a Consulate General in Wellington and a Consulate in Auckland. The Swedish Trade Council has an office in Auckland.

Consulate of Sweden Auckland

Consul: Frank Olsson

Consulate of Sweden
6 Renall Street
Freemans Bay
New Zealand 1011

Office Hours: By appointment only

Phone: +64-(0)-21 989 414
Fax: +64-9-909 75 31
Email: frank@olsson.co.nz

Consulate General of Sweden Wellington

Consul General: Hon William P. Jeffries

Consulate-General of Sweden
P O Box 125 38
New Zealand 6144

Visiting address:
Level 7
Molesworth House
101 Molesworth Street
Wellington 6011

Phone: +64-4-499 9895
Fax: +64-4-499 1464
E-mail: sweden@xtra.co.nz

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