August 11, 2022

Dumb Comments We Have to Bear

Dumb Comments We Have to Bear (though the last one’s rather nice)

Recently, when I told our boys’ singing teacher that they were Home Schooled, she commented “Wow, and they don’t even seem backward!” – Ruth, South Island, NZ

A friend of mine took her 6 year old daughter to numerous doctors and specialists about a sore throat that she’d had for 18 months. One doctor told her, “It’s because you homeschool. She needs to go to school so she can talk more.” Fortunately one more enlightened diagnosed tonsillitis, so was able to fix the problem. – Wendy,

My daughter attended a sports class. When she mentioned she was home educated, one of the school kids asked, “What do you do for PE?” Not to be outdone, another one asked, “Does that mean you never leave your house?” – Julie, North Island, NZ

My son was asked at orchestra lessons, “Does your mother email your schoolwork
Son: “No, she doesn’t go out to work; she teaches me herself.”
School friend, “But how do you learn?”
School friend: “From books???!!!” – Susan, South Island, NZ

I was at a night class recently when a lady asked how many of my children were in school. Upon discovering that I home educate, she naturally asked why. One of the reasons that I mentioned (in my VERY long list!!) was the level of violence, bullying etc. in schools these days. She replied, “But they need to be at school, to learn to cope with violence and bullying”! – Rebecca, NZ

While attending a music-based play morning in our community, one interested mum asked where I was going to send my son to school when he turned five. On hearing that we were homeschooling our children, an odd expression crossed her face as she replied, “You must really love your children!” – Chelle,

All quotes from The Evidence of the Superiority of Home Education over Conventional Schooling by Craig Smith

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