Problem Scoping Survey Deadline: 9am Tuesday morning 7/10/14


I have just heard from Lucy we have until 9am tomorrow morning

7 October 2014 to get our Problem Solving Surveys into the MoE.

Craig with children and timeline Have you sent off your Problem Scoping Survey to the MoE yet? I have just sent mine off – a bit late. I am going to be a little cheeky here now. I got a reply from Lucy to say that she is not in the office today. So I have emailed her to see if we can get an extra day. She may not get to see that email if she does not look at her email for the rest of the day. I sent the Home Education Foundation’s Problem Solving Survey off on Saturday and Lucy was replying to that. I sent my personal Problem Solving Survey off this morning then I noticed that Lucy had emailed me 10 minutes earlier thanking me for the Home Education email acknowledging that she had received it with a note saying that she was not in the office today. So I figure that if you have not sent off your Problem Scoping Survey yet then you could still have until early tomorrow morning to send it in. I am still talking to home educators who have not heard about this Problem Scoping Survey. So I think that the MoE will not be too pedantic about the Deadline so long as we get the surveys or an email into them before they begin to process them. Lucy is the contact person for that and since she is not in the office today lets make the most of it especially on a horribly wet, windy and cold day – no gardening today.


MoE Problem Scoping Survey: please make it known and fill it out

Don’t forget to get your Problem Scoping Surveys into the MoE NOW. We have now run out of time. So please email your Problem Scoping Surveys now.

Addresses for sending the Scoping Survey back:


snail mail: Lucy Ambrose, 45-47 Pipitea St, Wellington

phone: 04 463 8946 | Ext 48946

or look for the addresses in Jim Greening’ letter.

Home Education Foundation letter which covers exemption form, beneficiaries, International home educators and Keystone.

– MoE/ERO issues

– Changes in the MoE

– MoE discussions introduction to the Red Tape Cluster Buster meetings

– Preparation for the MoE discussions with Red Tape Cluster Buster meetings andrelevant for the Problem Scoping Survey
– Discussions home educators had online at Clutter buster group or (for ease of reading as not everyone can get onto the Google docs) here… (Also a lot of very good information to aid you in filling out the Problem Scoping Survey)

– Record of Progress and Achievement (an example of the new National MoE office staff understanding home educators)

– Truancy and the Home Schooler/Home Educator (another success with the National Office in that Megan showed us alternatives)

– Scoping Meeting 15 July 2014 – Getting to know you

– 2nd Meeting 28 July 2014 – Red Tape Cluster Buster Meeting

– MoE scoping Home Educators – email

– Feedback Form (Problem Scoping Survey) on MoE website

– Email to the MoE about the Scoping Survey from a Home Educator

– Problem Scoping Survey: ideas and deadline

– MoE’s reply to Yumiko’s email about the Scoping Survey

– MoE Problem Scoping Survey: please make it known and fill it out

– The last of Craig Smith’s writings before he died 3 years ago

– MoE Problem Scoping Survey


Please share/forward this link with other home educators.


From the Smiths:

Updated 1 October 2014:  Three years on (Craig Smith’s Health) page 7 click here


Needing help for your home schooling journey:


Here are a couple of links to get you started home schooling:

Information on getting started


Information on getting an exemption

This link is motivational:

Exemption Form online:

Coming Events:



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