Training Our Children to Be Pure

training_pure1.JPGtraining_pure.JPGby Barbara Smith


72 page A4 compilation (bound photocopy)

We want our children to be holy, righteous and pure. We want to teach them wisdom and purity in relationships. We want to teach them to be self-disciplined and to seek after what is right and good and not give in to fleshly desires. This book is a compilation of writings by some veteran homeschoolers from New Zealand and overseas on these matters. It also contains a great list of books and resources available to parents/children and youth to help them along on this path of purity.
Topics Include:

  • Start Young
  • Set the Example
  • Never Compromise
  • Be Constantly Vigilant
  • Having serial boy/girl friends is, at best, emotional fornication
  • Dating teaches uncommitment
  • Parents must protect their children Dating develops a wrong concept of love
  • Making vows, signing letters and exchanging rings won’t, in themselves, keep our daughters & sons pure until marriage – more is required

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