Recently I have met several home educating parents as they came through MOTAT with their children. So went to your website to see if what we have and do in the library might be of use to your home educators.
We have a MOTAT annual passholder homework club (for young onsite visitors) but are availabe via our website and the general Library email (library at to assist anyone with research and information needs with a transport and technology theme. We have a member of staff specifically employed to assist in making our archival, photographic, magazine and book collections accessible to all. We have a book collection specifically for school age children as well which can be used for reference.
I hope you will pass on this information to your members or use it on your website.
Thank you, kind regards
Megan Wishart and the rest of the library team.

Megan Wishart
Library Manager
Museum of Transport & Technology (MOTAT)
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