Discipline: The Biblical Doctrine (CD)

Discipline: The Biblical Doctrine (CD)

Author: Jeff Pollard
Format: Audio CD (53 minutes)

God has given the rod to the family, the sword to the state, and the keys to the church. Each symbol of authority reminds Christians that we are to live governed and orderly lives under the law of God. Regretfully, though many Christians will accept the authority of parents and the state, the same Christians bristle at the thought that the local church must use discipline both to protect the flock and to drive unrepentant or false professors of the faith to Christ. Godly discipline is an act of love. No church can claim to be a biblical assembly if it rejects the doctrine and practice of discipline.

In this thought-provoking message, Jeff Pollard (author of Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America) addresses the necessity of, priority for, and proper administration of church discipline.

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