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BEN CURRAN/Marlborough Express (View link below)
BEN’S BIG JOURNEY: Blenheim man Trevor Harris, left, wrote a book about the incredible journey his grandson Nathan’s toy truck Ben made to find his owner after the family moved 200km away. Nathan, 7, is pictured with the book and Ben at Renwick Transport, which also features in the book.

A Tasman Home schooling Family have published a heartwarming story written by their children’s Grand Father :

Join our hero Breezemere Ben, the plucky toy truck who starts out on an “incredible journey” to rejoin his family when they move across the Top of the South Island to a new farm; all the way from Marlborough to Nelson’s Motueka Valley. Ben is based on a true story, he belongs to a boy called Nathan and the story is written by his Grandfather.

Ben has many adventures on his 200 kilometre trip, and along the way he discovers new inner strengths. He’s helped by his new trucking friends the Mighty Mack, Roaring Rob and Mailvan Malcolm who tell him “Try hard, do not give up…”, and when he’s feeling lonely and dejected “…never feel you are alone.”

This is a delightful story which you and your children will love to read – and be introduced to some of life’s important lessons: dealing with loss; determination to carry on; co-operation and helping others…


“Whether you live in the Marlborough/Nelson area or not you will still find  ‘Breezemere Ben’  truly unique.  You will enjoy a very well written clever plot, the many facets of a wonderful story and a very lovely ending.  You will also learn about this area of New Zealand and the vehicles that drive on it’s roads.   It is one book that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages again and again. My family have all loved it read aloud or by themselves”. Sandy mum of four, Blenheim.

A very enjoyable, believable story.  Eileen McKenzie, Picton.

“This wonderfully well- crafted story tells of a special little toy truck and his arduous journey through rain and snow, through adversity and hard work to reach his family. Along the way he makes some great friends and remembers the values of his owners to buoy him even in the hardest of times.This story was originally written as surprise Christmas gift to accompany a rejuvenated and repainted truck by Nathan’s Grandad.They decided to publish it, thank goodness they did. It’s a story that is so well written you can’t put it down, and even may like me shed a tear”
Kaye R.Tasman.

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ISBN: 9780473161958
Published: In New Zealand March 2010 by J. And M. Squire
Author: Trevor Harris
Price: Retail: $25 (+ freight)
Format: Paperback
Edition: Second edition,Full edition
Category: New Zealand Stories
Children’s General Non Fiction
Interest Age: Three-Adult
Description: Sixty one pages,high quality paper,eighteen chapters,colored pictures throughout
Dimensions: Width:14.5 cm