Blenheim Home Educators Workshop Saturday, 9 April 2011

Venue: 5 Merlot Place, Blenheim

Contact: Reena 03 570 5143

Cost: Morning free,  Afternoon donation

9:45am start for the morning with a continuous morning tea.
Sessions for those looking at homeschooling, or just starting out.
Topics to be covered are:
Why homeschool?
How to get started?
What is homeschooling?
What’s wrong with school?
And any other questions you might have about why homeschool and getting started.
Experienced home educators please come along to this as well. There will be the opportunity for you to answer questions from those looking at home schooling their children as well.

12:00pm Shared lunch, hot drinks provided

12:30pm afternoon session
Sessions will be for existing homeschoolers, those not yet started or just getting started most welcome as well.
12:30pm  2 Electives

1. “Home Educating Through Secondary and Preparing For Tertiary Education and the Workforce” Craig

2. “Training Our Children’s minds”, “The Tools of Learning” and “Motivation” Barbara

1:30pm afternoon tea

2:00pm two electives

1. “Christian Dad’s Essential Role in Home Education” and “Is it possible to Discipline children in our unDisciplined society?” Craig

2. “Training Our Children/Youth to Be Pure” and “Christian Parents Preventing and Changing Rebellion in a Child’s Heart” Barbara

3:00pm Questions & Answer time