Te Anau Home Education Workshop

Venue: Lakeside Presbyterian Church, Te Anau Terrace, Te Anau

Contact: Kelly 03 249 7707 ‘wairauwhanau@maxnet.co.nz’

Cost: $5.00 per family including grandparents


1:00 Registration
1:15 2 Electives
1. Craig “Home Education: A Practical Approach to learning–Choosing or Developing Your Own Curriculum
2. Barbara “Avoiding Burnout – Keeping Going When the Going Gets Tough”
2:45 afternoon tea
3:15 2 electives
1. Craig “Home Educating Through Secondary and Preparing For Tertiary Education and the Workforce”
2. Barbara “Training Our Children’s minds”, “The Tools of Learning” and “Motivation”
4:45 Question time