Homeschool Ruling and What You Can Do-California

Dear Friends,

In relation to the situation in California where a 3-judge panel has declared home schooling to be illegal:

What can we do?

HSLDA has a petition on their website, but because we live outside the USA or its possessions, we cannot sign.

A friend of mine in California says we can prayerfully consider doing this:

Send the following email to Tim Muscat who works in the California Dept of Justice. He will put our emails on the Attourney General’s desk. We have to send them to arrive by Monday morning 10 March Calif time, which is Tuesday morning NZ time (by 9am).

Address your email to:

and write the following:

Dear Mr. Muscat,

In the February 28, 2008, decision of the Second Appellate District Court of Los Angles regarding the legality of homeschooling in the state of California, we would request that a recommendation be made by the office of the Attorney General that this opinion be depublished.

(Include your name, address and phone.)

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