Dr Dobson In Defense of Home Schooling

A California state appellate court ruled last week that it is illegal for parents in the Golden State to home school their children without the appropriate state teaching credentials. If this ruling stands, home-schooling parents could, in effect, become guilty of a criminal offense. Find out how you can oppose this chilling decision, which Dr. Dobson calls “an unprecedented assault” on parental rights – one that could have nationwide consequences. Joining Dr. Dobson are public policy expert Carrie Gordon Earll, Michael Farris of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Roy Hanson of Family Protection Ministries. You’ll also hear from a California home-schooling mom whose right to make educational decisions for her children is now under attack.
“At the heart of this case is a distrust of parents.” – Michael Farris

Here is the link to hear Dr Dobson on Focus on the Family interviewing 4 others including Michael Farris:


6 thoughts on “Dr Dobson In Defense of Home Schooling

  1. The idea of home schooling proliferating any more strikes terror into my heart. I have seen more children running around in malls or walking around the neighborhood. I have seen parents who were dumb as doughnuts talking about home schooling their children. Some parents have a beef with the teacher and pull their child or children out of school. Always it is the schools or teacher’s fault. Put your kids in school, support the teacher, let the testing show what they are learning and stop the insanity of home schooling.

  2. Vicki, you must be aware of the high rate of children who are truant from school everyday – these will more than likely be those you have seen “running around in malls or walking around the neighborhood.” – not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

    I agree that some parents are not suitable teachers for their children. But home-education is a great model and can

    However, when you speak about “the insanity of home schooling” you seem to be discriminating against people who do home-educate their children – or are home-educated themselves.

    At the very least, compulsory schooling is a blight on our society. I can definitely see a place for private schools, however the concept of state schools is definitely insane.

    No loving parent with a good head on their shoulders could send their young ones off, 5 days a week to the local state institution where they are indoctrinated with the religion of the State.

  3. Vicki Scott’s “dumb as doughnut” opinion is the very reason that parents need to take seriously the responsibility of training up their own children. People of this mentality pose as “authorities”, “experts”, “qualified” to indoctrinate other people’s children and to mold them in their image. The inference is that the more they can spread their enlightened influence, the sooner the world will realize its utopia. History is littered with disastrous precedents of this mentality in action. It always ends in bloodshed. Wake up, California!

  4. Yeah, Vicki, leave the kids in school where they can be defiled and bullied in so many ways. I’ve talked to a group of social workers, all rabidly anti-home schooling, who reluctantly had to agree with me that 1) bullying in state schools was completely out of control; 2) drugs on school grounds, even primary schools, was an increasing problem; and 3) that pornography was so prevalent in some homes that kids come to school with the most vile and violent images in their heads, hearts and school bags and let it out on fellow students in their attitudes and their actions, and that this too was a big problem and a growing problem.

    Despite the good hearts and great intentions of many people in the state schooling system, it is so bound by political and special interest pressures, it delivers mediocre schooling plus a toxic mix of feminist/homosexual/Marxist/Green socio-political propaganda that does no one any good.

  5. One question I have is, why does homeschooling strike terror in your heart? Already, someone has put it to you, there are many truanting children. Would they be truanting if school was such a good place to go to? No, they are sent to an unfeeling uncaring environment which is akin to a prison, only difference is they are allowed out in evenings so their parents can feed, clothe and bathe them. Many parents don’t care for their children, they expect the state schools to do the child raising and discipline. It shows when these children are out late at night on the streets. It is unusual for any homeschooled children to be out roamimg around aimlessly. I have known some parents who I would also be dumb as doughnuts taking on homeschooling and the difference is that they care about their children and find out what they need to do to teach their children. As with teachers, there are some homeschoolers who do not put the effort in, but intellect has nothing to do with this, they are like it in other areas also. Most homeschoolers have not had beefs with their childrens teachers. They have taken it up out of conviction, something you want to supress if you have your way! Finally, testing can show anything, currently, there are testing regimes out that show the children have achieved but when independent testing is applied, the children are shown to be illiterate. The testing was only what the teachers taught and doesn’t mean that learning has occured, the teachers teach to the test.

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