National Library-5 year olds

As of the beginning of Term 3, 5 year olds can borrow books from the National Library. You will need to show a copy of their birth certificates. I was told that no-one would be turned away if they happened to turn up this week.

This is the link for the online request form: 


Services for Home Educators





The Curriculum Information Service offers a wide range of curriculum related resources to support your home teaching programme. The following information outlines how to best use the CIS to ensure your needs are met.



The minimum age for home educator services is 5 years. For each child being home-educated, who is over 6 years of age, a copy of the current exemption certificate from the Ministry of Education must be presented. For children who are 5 years of age, a birth certificate must be presented. Membership ceases when a child stops being home-schooled or is over 18 years of age.

What can I get from the Curriculum Information Service?

We will provide you with children’s curriculum related resources (books, audio/visual and digital materials) but not textbooks or recreational reading. The latter material is available from your nearest public library. We do not supply material to support the New Zealand Correspondence School courses. This is the responsibility of the Correspondence School.

How do I get resources?

Visit your local National Library Centre to choose resources. Reference Librarians are available to assist. Caregivers are responsible for the care and return of resources borrowed. Please return them to the Library by the due date.


A postal service is available if you are unable to visit the centre. We pay for posting the material to you.  You are responsible for any return freight costs.


An online request form is available at:

What can I borrow?

You may borrow up to four items per child, and include one video or DVD per family at any one time. For larger groups there is a maximum of 10 resources per group, or one per child, whichever is the higher.

If a request is made for a collaborative class of home-schooling families a maximum of 30 items may be borrowed.

For how long?

All resources are issued for five weeks but may be renewed for two more weeks if required. Renewals are available subject to demand. Renewals can be made in person, by post, phone or e-mail.

Overdue notices

Please let us know if you have an e-mail address as overdue notices are sent via e-mail. This is quick, economical and environmentally friendly.  If you don’t have an e-mail address, overdue notices are printed and posted to you.

NLNZ Catalogue

The National Library’s catalogue is available online at:

Auckland Centre

National Library of New Zealand

Private Bag 99936

83 Remuera Road




Tel:  09 523 1091 or 0800 356 000

Fax: 09 520 0152 or 0800 356 001



Palmerston North Centre

National Library of New Zealand

Private Bag 11032

1015 Tremaine Avenue

Palmerston North


Tel:   06 353 0475 or 0800 171 717

Fax: 06 350 0961 or 0800 907 600



Christchurch Centre

National Library of New Zealand

PO Box 1380

300 Manchester Street



Tel:   03 366 1075 or 0800 928 000

Fax: 03 366 1108 or 0800 661 108





Home Educators Application





The following questions are designed to collect information needed for our Curriculum Information Service.  To ensure our records are up-to-date a new application form will need to be completed each year.  We appreciate your assistance in answering these questions.

Supervisor’s name:




Do you belong to a home school association?

If YES, what is the name of your association?




Current certificate/s of exemption (or birth certificate for 5 year olds) sighted for (name/s of child/children):

Date Copy filed:

Please complete the following information for each child.

1. Name of Child

Date of Birth

Is your child enrolled in the NZ Correspondence School?

2. Name of Child 

Date of Birth

Is your child enrolled in the NZ Correspondence School?

3. Name of Child 

Date of Birth

Is your child enrolled in the NZ Correspondence School?

4. Name of Child 

Date of Birth

Is your child enrolled in the NZ Correspondence School? 

Please provide any additional information on a separate sheet of paper