Rainbow’s End

Rainbow’s End

OK .. a quick decision needed here …

1. Do you want to come to Rainbow’s End, Manukau?

2. If you do, would you please reply asap/by return mail jmcwnz@gmail.com with  numbers children – adults – spectators “non-riding supervisors” –  which day pref – your phone number + email –

* would you prefer Fri 20 Nov or Mon 23 Nov?

Details known so far:
$15 each for 2yo+ riders – children and adults
under 2 years old – free
spectators – free

Be ready to go in at 10.30 am – if you’re late, you miss out. If you  tend to be late to events, then aim to be there at 10.10 am 🙂 – with  correct cash in hand. (Keep me sane !!) Then the riders will get  banded.

I will need to know numbers – the sooner the better so I can book in  (like in the next 1-2 days). We’re competing with Auckland schools.

You  may not like the crowds, but they go at 2.30pm and we pretty much have  the place to ourselves after that.

You may want to pack your lunch, sun protection, water bottles, etc.

http://www.rainbowsend.co.nz/?pg=page.tpl&id=28 – resources
http://www.rainbowsend.co.nz/docs/EDUCATION.pdf – theme park physics

As I said, we’re organising this in a hurry – great price.

Get your names in – spread the word to your own homeschooling  networks quickly

– get in contact with me – jmcwnz@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Rainbow’s End

  1. Rainbow’s End is on!

    Monday 23 November

    160 riders so far

    Email me with details (as above) before Monday 16 November
    Johanna from Hamilton, who’s still sane :-}

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