The World Winners: The New Zealand Home Education Free Robotics Team

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Written by Michael Lawton
Saturday, 02 May 2009 15:50
Hi Guys,

Today was the final day of the Robotics Championships!

We were beaten by one cube in the semi’s, but achieved first place in Programming Skill’s and third place in Driver Challenge in the World!

Thank you so much for all your support in helping us get here, and for cheering us on from New Zealand! Go Free Range Robotics!!! Well done!

The new game was previewed, and looks really exciting!

Thank you again for all your support!

Talk to you soon!



Kiwi kids to compete in World Robotic Champs

Wed, 01 Apr 2009 11:37a.m.


This month 2,000 school students from across the globe will compete in the World Robotics Champs in Dallas, Texas.

Amongst them will be two teams from New Zealand, one of which is made up students many of whom have never been to school.
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