Unschooling on Sunday – TVONE -7:30pm

This week on the SUNDAY current affairs programme we talk to two families who home school their children.
But it is not home schooling as we might know it.
It’s called un-schooling, where there is no set curriculum and what is pursued is driven by what interests the child.
Please forward to staff…I look forward to their feedback.

Chris Cooke

One thought on “Unschooling on Sunday – TVONE -7:30pm

  1. Just watched the show and loved it!! It was great to see other families getting behind their children and showing that our children dont need to go to school or follow a curriculum in order to learn.
    I home school my 12 yr old dyslexic son, mainly because he was so unhappy at school, believing that he was a failure and the teachers just dont have the time or resources to help him.
    Its great that families can show how we home school or unschool as its about time the lable that goes with it is lost….we’re not hippies or weirdos, we’re just caring families that want the best for our children.

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