Home Schooling in India


By Dr. Mathew S P

In India, there are many parents who have chosen to educate their children out of ‘school.’ They form a small but growing number of intelligent, creative and bold individuals who are now also becoming aware of the need to join together as a National Body, with a structure, to best represent their interests to the Government.

In India, homeschooling is not yet legal or illegal. As in many other areas, the Indian Government has not given a clear decision either way. Thanks to Mike from the HSLDA and others, we are assured of support from all over the world in this aspect of educating our own children.

This nascent movement has brought many individuals together and has also resulted in many fun-filled moments for us as we met for common activities…

To read more  and see more photos go to: http://www.hslda.org/hs/international/India/201201230.asp

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So that is how homeschooling is catching up and spreading in Mumbai and other parts of India and this is a small glimpse of our life here in Mumbai.

We do hope you enjoyed this short article, and please pray that we would continue to enjoy the freedom to educate our children out of school to make them good citizens of India and the world.

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