September 25, 2023


Venue: The Reefton Motor Camp

Camping grounds & Cabins are available, communal kitchen, bathroom & laundry facilities available; large playing field; river & Reefton Skatepark adjoining; bike riding; fishing; town baths nearby (heated).

Contact: 07 789 6868

Tentative Programme

Monday 11th March

Arrive in the morning & share a packed lunch
Afternoon Town Walk, Visitors Centre, walk up to the Cross on the Hill & Reefton Walkway
Shared Tea
Evening: Spotlight

Tuesday 12th March

Blackspoint Museum, stamper battery, walk up to Energetic Mine
Lunch at Reefton Motor Camp
Afternoon games
Evening: Night walk, views over Reefton

Wednesday 13th March

Older Age Group: depart with a number of adults to Waiuta for overnight tramp to the Big River Hut

Younger Age Group: cooking (possibly at Reefton Tea Rooms), card making/craft activities, swimming pool, town library, visit St John Ambulance station & Reefton Fire Station
… to be arranged

Thursday 15th March

As above

Shared tea
Quiz night

Friday 16th March

Clean up

Other possible activities & wet weather options:
Reefton Community Cinema
Workshops e.g. First Aid, pizza making, visit Reefton Community Craft Centre, basketball in Reefton Community Centre …

 Any suggestions/ideas from families for what they could offer by way of their own flavour/workshop/wet weather ideas/games/items/plays, etc would be fantastic to know about & would contribute to a colourful & active camp involving everyone & all ages !

 Thanks in advance to Tony Fortune for being available to advise, lead, guide & consult re: all the wonderful opportunities for Home Educating families in & around Reefton, Wiauta & Big River !


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